My first Crocheted Item!

Made this small blanket for my son for his first birthday. I used a single crochet stitch for the whole thing, definitely made plenty of mistakes but at least it resembles a blanket! For a first ever ‘finished’ project I find this something to be proud of regardless of the obvious imperfections.
Blanket below was made with wool and acrylic yarn. Blue, light cream color, and white.

I definitely learned a lot with this piece and have already moved onto my third piece. My second piece was a scarf for my husband which is also finished but came out much different than I had planned, so I am going to try his scarf project again another time and consider that one a good practice round. My third project (working on now) is another single crochet stitch blanket, the same size as this one pictured here, but with more rainbow colored yarn.

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