Top Ten: Children’s Books [2019]

Let me preface this by saying that yes, I an adult have a Top Ten Children’s Book list. I have one because I read a ton of books to my now one-year-old son, and I figured along the way we’d keep track of what we read, and which ones he really enjoyed. These books are being rated by how much he likes them. I judge that by how eager he is to listen to the book when I read, and how often he flips through the book himself. I should also note these are only the Top Ten Children’s Books of 2019 that we personally have read this year, not books published in 2019. If all that is clear, we can move onto the list!

1. The Goodnight Train
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My son and I definitely read this book the most this year. He has it in board book form, and frequently flips through the pages. When reading this to him, he loves to hear all the varying train sounds throughout the book. The rhyming is pretty good, and all the illustrations are bright, colorful, and cute. This has easily become the favorite, and I’ll probably need to ensure there is a copy at home for a long while.

2. The Pout Pout Fish
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Actually found out about this one from countless parent posts quoting the ridiculous ‘blub, bluuub, bluuuuuuub’ bit from the book, and got curious enough to buy a copy. Sure enough my son enjoys me reading this to him as well, this book rhymes very very well, and rolls off the tongue fast. Coupled with the goofy blub scenes, it is very entertaining for both my son and I. He too has this in board book form, and flips through it occasionally. (He mostly likes to listen to this one).

3. 8 Little Planets
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We actually have two copies of this in board book form around the house. My son loves flipping through this in his own time to see the adorable and colorful pictures. The book rhymes well, however it lacks silly sounds that the previous two books have so he’s a tad less entertained by this one. The interesting cutouts in the center appeal to him though which is nice. Actually had to get the second copy because the cover on one broke easy. That’s the only downside.

4. I Love Dad
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Very colorful illustrations about cute dinosaurs. This book my son flips through quite often. There aren’t any neat sound effects to read aloud in it, and the rhyming isn’t very good. But the message is, and he when his ‘Da’ reads this book to him.

5. God Loves You Very Much

So if I haven’t mentioned it already, my son loves veggie tales. I do too! I grew up on it. This book was a gift to my son for his birthday, and it is a big board book with every bright colorful pictures of his favorite characters from VeggieTales. He flips through this book a lot, and likes to hear me read it. I also love the references to actual episodes my son and I have seen from the show in this book.

6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
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One of my son’s very first books. A classic. He flips through this book (especially the little food pages) very regularly. The imagery is captivating for him, and sometimes he even likes this one being read to him. (Mostly a flip through and admire the pictures sort of book for now).

7. There Was A Coyote Who Swallowed A Flea
This is the first actual hardcover book on the list. My son isn’t allowed to flip through this one as it probably wouldn’t survive 5 minutes (real paper pages). But he does toddle across the room to look at the large cartoon drawings, and he babbles about them, and loves to listen to me read this one. After a while you get to memorizing the words in this easy so you can read it fast and the story flows well.

8. God’s Perfect Gift
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Another good read for my son. Large pages with cute cartoony mice on them. A sweet story about God’s love for everyone. He sits and admires the pages while I read. This book is sort of a thinner board book, nice sturdy pages, but not as thick as your standard board book. I haven’t let my son flip through this one yet, but, I think today as I’m writing this, I’ll let him and see if it survives. (It did! He loves flipping through it!)

9. Snuggle Puppy!
We don’t see this book often anymore (I have no idea where it poofed to). But I do know my son loves this book, as I used to sing it to him in the early months of his life, and he would smile and listen quietly as I did so. I even memorized this one. I really need to find it so we can read together again and he can flip through it on his own time.

10. Time For Bed Pete The Kitty
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My son likes Pete the Cat, and this was his first Pete the Cat Book. Just yesterday I held out books for him to pick from (we let him keep a book in his crib to read as he falls asleep), and he grinned ear-to-ear and chose this one. Cute illustrations, soft little touch and feel portions of the book, easy to flip through due to the board book format. He also loves when I read this one.

And, that concludes the list! There are definitely books I wish made it on here, as we  read quite a few this year. But these 10 were the most popular with my son. Some of my personal favorites missed the list, but I wonder if that is because they were paper/hardback library copies that I couldn’t let him flip through, and we didn’t have the book for more than a week at a time. The books listed above are all books we actually own, and I’m sure that’s a factor as well.

Anyway, I’m definitely looking forward to reading him more books, and seeing his love of reading grow. It is already too sweet to see him quietly in his room flipping through his board books. <3

You can see the fill list of books we read this year here!

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