Top Ten Books [2019]

Let me preface this list by saying that these are books I read in 2019, not books that came out in 2019 (although some did!) I read a wide variety of books and found these ten (starting with the best) to be the most enthralling or helpful to read. I’m also an Owlcrate subscriber which explains some of the unique covers listed here (for those wondering). I will note which books are Owlcrate editions. With that being said, let’s get into the list!

1. The Vaccine Book

This was my #1 book of 2019. I admit I haven’t read it cover to cover yet, but my reasoning is here in my book review. This book is a remarkable resource.

2. The Natural Baby Sleep Solution
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Another super helpful book. Without this I think nap time for my little one would be near impossible, but with this book I definitely found life with a baby much more manageable. It talks in depth about the human and baby’s natural sleep cycle, and how we often ignore it, which makes naptime difficult for youngsters. Super glad I picked this up.

3. Mere Christianity
40792344. sx318
A very thorough book. I am a big fan of C.S. Lewis’ work, namely the famous Chronicles of Narnia series he wrote. Mere Christianity talks about, well, Mere Christianity. C.S. Lewis talks about the very basics of Christianity and the beliefs that Christians hold (not picking out any one denomination, but focusing on Christianity as a whole, on things all Christians (no matter the denomination) agree on. It also talks about the reality of God, and how it is impossible to deny that one exists. This book isn’t for people who spitefully want to read it to only criticize or ‘prove Christianity wrong’. This book is only for the open-minded.

4. Crown of Feathers
44034107. sy475
Absolutely stunned by this book! I’m a fantasy reader 99% of the time, and I took a chance on this book. This was my first Owlcrate book over, and I’ve been a subscriber ever since. Previously I thought phoenixes could only be beautiful and fragile, small, wispy things like Fawkes in Harry Potter. Lending a hand occasionally. However in Crown of Feathers, Phoenixes are large war birds, still beautiful, but ferocious! Bonding to their partner and fighting with them. There are also Phoenix Riders! I’ve been waiting for the second book ever since I’ve read this one, and managed to grab another Owlcrate Exclusive copy they recently announced to be released in February, super excited for it!

5. Creatures of the Lands (Series)
36240678. sx318
Yes, I put a whole series in at #4. I read the whole series because I was that enthralled by it. I would say that the first book was not as good as the other 5, but the series as a whole is downright wonderful, and I would love to re-read these again. I honestly wish the series hadn’t ended at all but I understand why it did. For $10 I got the whole series, and it was worth every penny. Reviews for all the books can be found on my goodreads.

6. Witch is When Series (Books 1-5.5)
25987394. sy475
Super fun, comedic, magical, and witchy series. Honestly wish I had more time to read more of this series this year, but stopped at book 5.5 to catch up on other TBR books. Definitely will be diving back into this series in 2020 and looking forward to it! I even made fanart of Winky the Talking Cat, because I love this book series so much.

7. House of Salt and Sorrows
47874506. sx318
Even though the ending disappointed me a bit, I flew through this book in less than three days. I honestly couldn’t put it down. It is a retelling of The 12 Dancing Princesses which I had never heard of before, so this is the first time I’ve been told the story. It has spooky gothic elements, romance, and fantasy. It was a horror book that kept my attention and it actually was a bit spooky.

8. The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps and Helping Your Business Win
Recommended to me by my husband, I listened to this book via audible. I chose this format because I’m not really savvy in the IT world, and found someone else reading it as it should be read and understood was easier than me trying to understand all the text by reading it myself. The narrator did wonderful with tone and expression, and I found the book easier to understand this way. It definitely gave me a better idea of what typically goes on in my husband’s line of work (he’s a network engineer) and some situations sounded oddly familiar to things we’ve experienced *ahem* high work loads and never ending calls.

9. Sorcery of Thorns
46378648. sy475
Sorcery of Thorns made me wish books really did have personalities, a living library of picky, persnickety, and friendly books to care for. Mixed with some magic, demons, and battles, this was quite the adventure. I wasn’t expecting too much from this, but the Owlcrate prompt ‘Libraries of Wonder’ had me hooked and this book didn’t disappoint. A bit let down it was a standalone though.

10. Never Split the Difference
27246485. sx318
Another audiobook I listened to. This was pretty early on in the year, but I definitely remember the helpful tips within it, and recommend those interested in it to give it a chance. Michael Kramer does a good job with tone and this is easy to listen to. If I could I’d get a kindle e-book version too to highlight important notes. Super good book for those needing negotiating tips, even in just casual conversation!

And some Honorable Mentions! They were good but just didn’t make the ‘my absolute favorite’ list. In order of favorite to least favorite.

Wild At Heart & Captivating
Cat About Town
Little Moments of Love
Four Dead Queens
The Bone Houses
Winter World
Where the Forest Meets the Stars

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