The Juggle Struggle

There is a definite juggle going on involving my hobbies and passtimes. At least that I’ve noticed these first two months of 2020. Honestly I’m not too stressed about it, but I have acknowledged it.

It all depends on the time I have during the day. As I am a stay-at-home-mom my time is very occupied during the day. I’m sure it doesn’t sound very busy or difficult but it sure can be. Between all the cleaning, meal prep, nap times, and play or outings I have about 2-4 hours to myself split up throughout the day. And that is if I don’t have extra projects like painting a room (which I’ve been doing lately, thank goodness for audiobooks). Which is fine, I absolutely love what I do. But that means reading, crocheting, art, and gaming, all sort of have to wait. Even watching shows I like need to wait, as half the things I want to watch aren’t really appropriate for him (scary gameplay videos or gory animes don’t really fit a toddler’s idea of fun). So, I watch things like Bluey and Dinosaur Train on repeat all day. Good thing I like cartoons, haha.

This should explain my slow updates on any / all my projects. Sometimes I’ll use my free time to make a ton of art, other times I’ll marathon a book, or crochet until my hands get tired. Trust me I’ve tried reading and crocheting around the little one, and he just takes my book or runs off with the ball of yarn and that is such a tangled up mess.

Hopefully as 2020 goes on I’ll find a definite balance between all my projects. Until then, the juggle continues!

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