Quitting Sugar

Maybe that’s a bit drastic. But my goal this year is to quit a lot of sugar. Just a few days ago I ran out of my creamer and now have to drink coffee with just honey. I suppose that’s okay. I have successfully kicked the ‘several cups of coffee’ a day habit, and I have gone a year and a half without any hard or gummy candy. Only sweets in my life now are chocolate, which is sparing anyway (aside from the recent Valentines stash).

I really want to eat less sugar, and less pasta and breads. My husband and I feel better for it, and it sets up good eating habits for the Little One we’ve got. We may have caved when the girl scouts showed up though.
The most successful transfer from breads, salty carb snacks, and candy, that we’ve made have been replacements. Want something salty? We’ve got peanuts, cashews, pistachios, and sharp cheddar. Want something sweet? We’ve got fresh and dried fruit. The changes have really made a difference.

I don’t think I’ll ever go this hardcore, but the article does have good points. I think this family will be sticking to more natural sweeteners like honey, and use them sparingly. Most of my sugar in the day is in my coffee, and someday I think I’d like it with just milk. We’ll see if I get there. Sugar can be difficult to quit!

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