Life Update

Hey all! Wow it has been a while. I’ve definitely fallen behind on my personal projects. Here’s why!

My husband and I are expecting our next baby. For the tail end of February I was super busy, and then March hit me with morning sickness without mercy. I wanted nothing but ginger ale and crackers. When coffee makes me nauseous you know something is up. I couldn’t even really handle water unless I sipped it. I could also smell that absolutely awful trashcan from across the room? It wasn’t even the trash, I got these Hawaiian flower scented trash bags and I’ve regretted it ever since. I gag at the whiff of it lol. Now I just associate trash with tropical stuff ugh. Never again.

But! morning sickness is over. I still have food aversions and cravings but those can be handled. My husband and I are super excited for baby #2, we’ve taken to calling them Four or Littler (our first child we called Three or Little).

Besides that, I haven’t honestly been doing much. When I was sick all my hobbies and things went out the window. I still did housework despite being ill because well, no one else can do the job (husband is still working during all this jazz) so I just dealt with it. He was such a sweetheart though and helped me out when he had time. Even took over for a couple days on top of his work. Most of March consisted of cleaning, taking care of Little, and then laying motionless whenever possible lol. Watched a lot of Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck with my son.

Now that I’m better I’ve been enjoying Animal Crossing New Horizons and Pokemon Sword. Also played Papa’s Pizzeria, that’s a throwback lol. I finished most of the books I had started in February and will post about them soon, then post again about my new reads. My temperature blanket has been procrastinated so much, I might sit down and try to catch up, or I may scrap and try again next year. We’ll see.

Been listening to Thus Always To Tyrants and Soldier, Poet, King quite a bit. Learning how to cook a bit more since I’m home so much and new recipes are always good. I’ve learned Sausage and Biscuits Gravy which is awesome. Mostly learning breakfast options so Little has a variety of things to eat in the morning.

Humdrum life update post. I’m just glad to be feeling better. Hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things, reading, crochet and art, this April! We’ll see.

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