White Christmas Inn (Review)

The White Christmas Inn by Colleen Wright

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Finally got around to finishing this book. It wasn’t bad! I’d say I enjoyed reading it when I did. Time, other hobbies and interests, and a bit of the book being dull are reasons it took so long. I don’t regret reading it though.

The White Christmas Inn follows several couples and potential couples, all of which are staying at this Evergreen Inn, by choice or forced by a snowstorm. Evergreen Inn is set in Vermont, but I’m not really a fan of Vermont so I just substituted Maine in its place and it made the book more enjoyable for me. The inn is full! Even the lounge couches are taken. The chapters alternate between characters / couples so if you are bored with one pairing it moves on pretty fast.

The Goodread’s synopsis does a good job highlighting the main characters of the book. Everyone’s stories intertwine in some way. I found myself mostly interested in Hannah’s story. I honestly found (view spoiler)[Molly’s story super obnoxious, mainly due to the two girls she interacts with. I love kids, but these ones just, really annoyed me. (hide spoiler)] I also found Jeanne to be (view spoiler)[ annoying too. It was constantly ‘oh no the world is ending my husband doesn’t love me, why didn’t he CONSULT me before being an individual and going and working on something, can’t he tell that I wanted to cook and bake all day with him even though I never mentioned it verbally? How dare he not mind read!’ Oh my goodness she was abrasive. Poor Tim. Seriously who says their spouse must ‘consult’ with them before going anywhere or doing anything? He’s not a child or a dog. (hide spoiler)]

Also there’s a scene where, I think it is Molly and another character go snowshoeing. They describe it as like, gliding, not making any impressions on the snow. My husband and I burst out laughing at this. Clearly someone has never snowshoed before. We’ve snowshoed mid winter in Yellowstone. You don’t ‘glide’ or anything. I remember our tour group politely battling over who wasn’t going to break trail. Oh my goodness that was a laugh.

I might pick this up again next year, I’m not sure. I honestly found my other christmas choice of Oliver: The Cat Who Saved Christmas to be more enjoyable to read. Sure it was cheesy but, it didn’t annoy me as much as this one did.

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