Life Update 4/27/2020

What a wonderful day we’ve been blessed with. Spent the morning taking my son and my dog on two separate walks, roughly three miles when all said and done. Just lovely to get out and about.

Been listening to Ember Falls on audiobook when I’m working or walking, and recently picked up A Discovery of Witches on my kindle paperwhite as a re-read to enjoy. It has been four years since I had read it and the All Souls Trilogy the first time around. So nice to dive back into that world. I have to say, Ember Falls is super suspenseful, almost to the point it makes me want to set the book down, but then I wouldn’t know what happens next! Loving it so far though, and will be starting Ember Rising shortly after. I even made a little fanart of Picket Longtreader from the series earlier this month.

When I’m not being a mom, bustling about cleaning and caring for the family, and not reading or out walking, I’ve been playing the occasional video game, gardening, and jewelry making. I’ve also been helping my husband declutter the house, which has been a big project for a while. We’re making real progress!

Gaming wise I’ve been playing a bit of Animal Crossing New Horizons, original I know, but not constantly like so many others are. Which honestly I’m thankful for. Games are supposed to be an occasional thing, not a constant. The longer I find myself playing a game, the more gross and unhealthy I feel. People just aren’t meant to lay around all day in the dark. I’m sure I’ve got the unpopular opinion there, but it is true. I also started playing Nine Parchments with my Dad every once and a while, a nice change of pace from playing Animal Crossing. That and when I have time, I finally picked up the Sims 4. I oddly find the Sims and Nine Parchments more entertaining at the moment, since Animal Crossing is more of a ‘do your dailies’ sort of game and there is only so much you can do. And I definitely don’t want to time jump, I think it takes the fun out of the game even faster.

Gardening wise, I’m not sure what the plan is. We’re focused on making the lawn better, less weeds and burrs, more uniform, plush nice grass. We did intend to start up a food garden this year but those plans were curbed a bit, we’ll see if we get any planter boxes built.

I guess I’m just here to say, we’re doing well, staying active, getting lots of sun (you need sunlight people) and keeping busy with lots of housework that honestly isn’t too tedious. The results of the hard work are just too satisfying to deter us. Haven’t had extra time for art or crocheting, but I might find a snippet or two in the next month.

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