The Importance of Walking With God

I’m not sure how to start this off other than say that I am so very thankful for the Lord being present in my life. I recall a devotional earlier this week talking about walking with God rather than trying to predict His plans, or following your own path. Walking with Him is about trust, and knowing that He only intends the best for you, even if it is through some difficult life lessons.

I’ve only recently come to accept the Lord into my life, deep down I always knew He was there, but I was reluctant. I am so thankful He persisted, and that I have finally welcomed Him. I only pray that I can live by His word as best I can, and that I continue to walk with Him on this path that is life.

Walking with God involves thinking of Him in every moment. It is not only in the great (as in large) events in life that He is present, He is always there. Even in the little moments. He provides the sunny days, the green grass and flowers. He provides the rain, and the mighty thunderstorms. Everything. Absolutely everything. We only need to recognize it.

I used to be plagued by the perfectionism bug, anxiety ridden and insistent on planning. There is nothing wrong with planning, but you cannot plan everything, only He can do that. Like a weight lifted from my shoulders, I gradually shed off this unnecessary worry. God will make me perfect with time, as He does with all his children. But it will take my whole life, and I need only trust in Him and follow His word. No plans I make are better than His.

Remember that a life with God is a life of abundance. Don’t only think of the scarcity in life, there is so much we aren’t being grateful for. Yes, some of us are more fortunate than others in this life, but at the banquet with Jesus we will all have plenty. If you are in the dark, let in God’s light. He made it for you. Step outside and feel the fresh air, He made that too. God has surrounded you with family or friends, there is good we need only seek it out.

I will continue to walk with God as best I can. I surely will stray from the path, or stumble. But He is patient with us all, and will guide us back again. It is all about trust.

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