Nice to get away

I haven’t really been on social media, or any art sites for a while now, and honestly that’s a good thing. I find that the communities in which I used to be a part of are less and less something I identify with. I definitely still love making art, and I love my husband and I’s characters. But the community itself, aside from the friends already made there, is sort of empty, repetitive, and very self-centered. I suppose I always knew it was that way, but I just ignored it? I think the site(s) that community frequents also encourage its users to wallow in their troubles rather than seek real solutions, misery loves company I suppose.
Of course this doesn’t mean all individuals there are like that, but from my years of experience in that community, most of it is that way. People are there to hide from the real world, or are there to seek approval and pleasure from strangers through a big popularity contest. It just doesn’t line up with the values I hold as a person now. I think actually my time in this community only let my troubles fester and grow, rather than help me improve my life.
Recently as I’ve said before, I’ve been off social media. I haven’t really been playing games much. They’re fun, but I think playing them constantly also is pretty unhealthy, and that isn’t coming from a place of inexperience. I too was an all-nighter, days on end gamer. I just recognize the problems with it now, though many individuals would say there aren’t any. I also haven’t been reading, but that is mostly due to time constraints. I think I’ll read more in the colder months.
I’ve mostly been outside, taking my son to the playground, on a walk through the park, or to the pool. Walking my dog, helping my husband with big home projects. I’ve also been doing a lot of extra house work and I love the results. I wouldn’t say cleaning is fun but it is rewarding. More so than sitting motionless on a couch for hours staring at a screen or scrolling through the media’s next panic posts.
When I do read I am studying the Bible. The community at the church and the acceptance from God I have received have done wonders on my heart and my self-esteem. How refreshing to be part of a community that understands life-struggles, and to share parenting stories and tips with. We share the same values there too, family is important and marriage is a commitment.

I’d say I probably won’t stop making art, or posting to those sites. But the frequency at which I used to? No. Will I be there to make new friends? No. I just like sharing my art, and that’s the only reason honestly. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for better art sites as well. Ones that actually like art and not just copious amounts of NSFW. Again, not that NSFW is bad, I’ve drawn it myself, but when it is 95% of the site, I think we can all agree most of you aren’t there for art.

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