Hello 2021

Life gets busy when you have kids, let me tell ya. Not a bad thing though, it is actually a very wonderful thing. Yes we get tired nights (here I sit in my son’s room because he’s having trouble sleeping), but we also get the cutest smiles and fun moments like dancing to music like we did earlier today.

2020 was a good year for our family. Perhaps not for everyone. The ridiculous lockdowns and unnecessary mask mandates were no fun. But we had a good year overall. We welcomed our second son into the world, my husband found passion in hunting, I got to see my mother again, and God gave members of our family more time on this earth. I could go on, but really, truly, this year was good for us.

As for what 2021 has in store, I’m not sure. My confidence in election integrity is destroyed, and big media is trying desperately to stamp out anyone who has ‘wrong-think’. It looks like dark times are ahead of us as the elites push back at anyone who disagrees with them, and the radical left is all too happy to help out big media, the elites, and big business.

It is at times like these I remember to turn to God. No matter what happens here there is the Kingdom of Heaven awaiting His people. All things happen for a reason, and perhaps all this is happening for a reason. All we can (and should) do is trust in Him and live by His word.

This year (outside of the crazy politics) is looking pretty bright. I recently was given the leadership role of the neopets book club I’ve been a part of for years. Finally I can restructure the group with the tools provided to me. For years I was limping it along from a second-in-command stance with no access to the group settings. I was just about to throw in the towel when the group leader came on and handed it over to me. Looking forward to trying to revive that.

Starting a new devotional book this year. This is actually the one my husband studied in 2020, and he handed it down to me. Restoration Year has been a good start to my mornings this year. Speaking of books, my two-year-old son recently has gotten into listening to me reading chapter books. I’ve been hoping he’d want me to read books to him. Every night before bed I read thirty minutes of a chapter book to him. We started the year off with the Chronicles of Narnia series.

I’ve also got big plans on new projects for my art, I won’t reveal them yet. But works are already in progress. I think God is steering my art this way, and we’ll see! I’ve also got a fresh sketchbook to start the year with, so more traditional art on the way.

I’ll continue to pray and work hard this year. Here’s hoping the crazy ratchets down a bit.

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