My Dream Hunt in Alaska (Review)

My Dream Hunt in Alaska: With God on the Adventure of a Lifetime

My Dream Hunt in Alaska: With God on the Adventure of a Lifetime by Steve Chapman

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Being that I’m entranced by the beauty of Alaska myself (even though I’ve never been there, I have only seen videos and written portrayls, I do wish to visit myself one day) I found this book to be an obvious addition to my ever growing stack of books in Mardels. My husband also took an interest in this book, and in all honesty he picked this book for himself (I just happened to snag it for a read).

I myself never want to hunt bear, nor have I ever hunted. I would say that as a youngun’ I used to despise the idea of hunting, but as I’ve grown older I find myself drawn to it, and I have a better understanding and respect for it now. (If I did hunt anything, it would be deer, turkey, rabbit or things like that, things to eat specifically, never bear). But! I was interested in a Bear hunt story, specifically this one. One because it was in Alaska, and two because I had never heard any good bear hunting stories, and I love me a good story.

This book is a shorter one, but it is well worth the read. Steve Chapman writes clearly and the words flow smooth on the page. I drank every detail in, and especially loved the lists and prep-work he talk about. I found myself asking my husband when he planned to go hunting, and I even expressed my own interest in the subject whilst reading this book (however, once again, not for bear).

Spoilers: I did have a curious thought about the bear carcass as I was reading, I was wondering why they didn’t keep the bear meat to eat. But once they explained it made sense, and I was taken back to my own memory with my husband and I in Yellowstone in February of 2018, watching eagles (golden and bald) battle for scraps of a bison carcass, followed by magpies and even a fox. I was glad to be back in that memory, brought on from the description of the eagles eating the bear carcass.

The only reason I didn’t fly through this book is because I’m the mother of a toddler, and I’m kept pretty busy, otherwise I would have finished it in a flash, I honestly wish the book were longer. I will definitely be looking at other books written by Steve Chapman. My only issue with it, and I laughed at it honestly, is that I noticed it is labeled ‘Men’ on the bottom right. Well I can say that 1. That doesn’t matter to me none, I read it anyway. And 2. Give the book more credit, there may be women interested in these hunts as well.

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