New Pet Slot?

Recently I’ve been playing which is pretty fun, but since the Halloween event ended I’ve been getting a tad bored with it and it is tedious to keep up with all the plant harvesting, seed combining, and processing hoard finds. But! Neopets recently rewarded all site users with an extra pet slot, so that is encouraging. I might delve back into that site more thoroughly now. I previously took a short break after struggling to get an art contest entry to be the correct size. (Maybe I’m easily deterred by frustrating work). Just need to decide which pets go where and who will be on my main account. I only keep my favorite pets on my main. If you want to add me on Neopets, look for Evianmoon. Please state where you found my contact info and why you want to be friends though, doesn’t have to be elaborate, I just won’t accept blank requests. As for Pixpet, you can also add me there, same message requirements, only I’m Evianrei there.

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