General Update / Biblical Study

This weekend the husband and I decorated the house for Christmas. It truly is beautiful. Little Rei loves toddling around and taking the ornaments off the tree. Our home has really become our own, there is just something so nice about having your own personal space.

We also got our pictures that we had done, they’re awesome! Looking forward to framing some of them to hang. We were really lucky to have caught the fall colors before the leaves fell. Even the photographer said so.

On another note I’ve been dabbling in several things. I’ve been playing Planet Zoo, which is quite addicting. I haven’t made my own zoo yet, just playing through the campaign mode. I think at this point I understand all the controls of how to run a zoo on the game, and I need to decide if I want to continue the challenging playthrough of the career or attempt to make my own zoo.

I’ve also been reading, when cleaning I’m listening to The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim. It is honestly really good I just need to remember to turn on my audiobook when I’m working. It has taken me a while to read because I had to restart it after having Little Rei. But I’m pretty far into the book now. Another book I have been reading is The Waking Forest by Alyssa Wees, and I honestly haven’t decided what I think of it yet. I think it should fall right in line with books I like. It has a forest, it has magical creatures, mystery, possibly a romance? But it took ages for me to pick up this book and want to read it, each time I picked it up I sort of gave myself a goal to read so that I could finish it. You don’t typically do that with books you enjoy. Now there are parts of the book I did enjoy and get lost in, but those portions fade in and out. I think honestly my opinion entirely rides on the conclusion of the book and you’ll be able to read more when I write the review. I am only 40-50 pages away from finishing it. I can say I am glad I bought an overstock copy off of book outlet, and didn’t spend more than I needed to for this though. Save money for the hard copies I really do want.

And the most important stuff for last. I have really been enjoying my time with God each day. I do daily devotionals and Biblical study in the morning, and it gives me a lot to think and pray about. I have a standard Biblical study with reflection questions I answer, and a small ‘Being a mother’ devotional. I’ll share below what my study reading was from both.

One-Minute Devotions for Moms by Carolyn Larsen
Today’s lesson:
Just Let It Go
Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out. Proverbs 17:14

A good lesson to take away. The specific story provided doesn’t fit my particular situations but it does provide a good example of where this verse could be applied. In my own life I can remember this verse when I particularly want to fire back a comment at someone bothering me.

Today’s reading from the bible:
Luke 8: 26-39
Goal for the day: From Jesus Always Bible Study Series; Embracing Jesus’ Love
Today, tell someone something that Jesus has done for you.

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