December BOTM

If you weren’t already aware, I am a council member of a Neopets book club guild, and I decide on the Book of the Month and Quarterly as well as some seasonal challenges I like to create. If you have a neopets account and would like to join our book club guild, just NM me Evianmoon and mention why you were interested in joining. If you do not have a neopets account and just want to join me in reading here, then feel free to comment here instead!


The December BOTM is Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw.
Really looking forward to what this book has to offer, I have the Owlcrate version so I’ll be reading that. I’ll post images below of the two covers side by side. The only difference is the cover though. I really love both covers but something about the white cover seems more winter-y. It also has sprayed blue edges which are gorgeous.

I have yet to start this BOTM myself, as I am still reading The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. This will be my next read after that.

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