My name is EvianRei, I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) who dabbles in all sorts of things. This is a place for me to update on those ‘all sorts of things’ whenever I feel I’d like to. Don’t feel like this is a professional blog, it is a casual-for-fun one. You’re welcome to browse either way though!


I have worked several jobs, my favorite being gardening and art. I have also had education in some art mediums but not a formal degree. I’ve taken college level ceramics, watercolors, and drawing. I like to try new things and have been self-teaching with online resources how to animate, crochet, and knit.


Digital art, Traditional art (acrylic & watercolor painting, pencil & charcoal sketching), Crafts (sculpting, crocheting, knitting), gardening, reading (and writing short reviews), writing, traveling, cooking, and of course the obligatory video games (everyone is a gamer nowadays).

As stated before, this is a place where I’ll be posting updates in my learning, my successes and failures! I also plan on writing here and there when I see the opportunity. I hope you find my blog charming, or at the very least interesting, and, thank you for dropping by!

Oh, and before you go, I don’t post IRL pictures of myself. So EvianRei (above) is the character that represents me. She’s a clouded leopard – bird hybrid thing. There is also a character representing my husband (he’s big and orange) and my son (a smaller version of my husband).