Note: Please understand that my day is busy. I am a stay-at-home-mom but that doesn’t mean I’m just sitting around. I do have art work days, but the hours and time when I work vary day to day. My schedule largely depends on what my toddler (and soon second baby) are doing. We do have a daily routine, but it isn’t to a T, times shift. I will respond to you, your artwork will be done. Having been a commissioner myself, I understand the need for good communication. Thank you for your patience with my hectic schedule. I also update my Queue regularly so everyone is up to date.

Q: What Programs / Tools do you use for your art?
A: I currently use Procreate on an Apple iPad for my portable and primary art setup. I occasionally use Clip Studio Paint as my art program, and a GAOMON PD1561 for a tablet on my desktop. I also have a small Lenovo Yogabook as my backup travel tablet with Clip Studio Paint that is rarely used.

Q: Do you do art trades?
A: Rarely. Typically when I ask others, not when they ask me. I also don’t start my half until I’ve seen honest progress on the other person’s half.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: No, my time is valuable to me and sitting down to take requests takes up my valuable time. If you want art from me, consider getting a commission.

Q: Why do you take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off?

A: Sunday is the Lord’s day, and my family and I observe The Sabbath. No work will be done that day. That includes responding to notes/emails. Friday and Saturday are just days off used for around the house work or family time. Sometimes I work those, but at my discretion.

Q: You have Friday and Saturday listed as days off, but you seem to be working on art anyway / you are sending me WIP sketches on these days. Are they not days off?
A: Consider this voluntary overtime. I don’t have to work those days, but I can choose to do so if I’m up to the task and have the time.

Q: Can I contact you via notes or and IM program?
A: I honestly prefer email for commissions and art. Notes are another method but I find it tedious to send WIPs through there. Notes and email are not for chatting, only for business. As for IM programs, I don’t share those to commissioners or strangers. If I’ve contacted you about your commission privately in this way it is a special case whereby I chose to contact you there, not vice versa.