Commissions: OPEN
TOS and Form

All prices are PER CHARACTER, I do not discount added characters.

Linework is simply that, no color, no details. Just clean lines.
Base Price:
Halfbody $22
Fullbody: $25

A Fullcolor Sketch has no linework and is a sketch that is colored and roughly shaded.
Base Prices
Fullbody: $45
Halfbody: $25
Flatcolor pricing also available (No shading or detail):
Fullbody: $35
Halfbody: $21

Example has basic background
Apple Picking
Example has complex background.

A Fullcolor piece is lined, cleaned up, and detailed more carefully than a Fullcolor Sketch.
Base Prices:
Fullbody: $80
Halfbody: $40
Flatcolor pricing also available (lacks shading and detail):
Fullbody: $60
Halfbody: $30

Hello Snack
Example has simple background
Waiting to Stargaze
Example has a complex background

Fullcolor Sketch Icons
Base Price: $25

Sleepy Summer Sunset
Summer Night

Fullcolor Icons
Base Price: $35

Slurpy Kiss
Favalli Icon Set

Little Pixel Fullbody
Base Price: $40
(Roughly 200×200)

Example has colored linework and is shaded.

Big Pixel Fullbody
Base Price: $75
(Roughly 500×500)

Example has black linework and is shaded.
Example has colored linework and is shaded.
Example has thick linework (solid color) and is shaded.

Icons (Non Animated)
Base Price:
Headshot $35 Per
Halfbody $40 Per

Example is Halfbody

Extras & Discounts
Wings / Extra tails and limbs: +$5-10 per
Per each prop: $5 – 10 per
Colored Linework: +$5
White Outline: +$2
Under Shadow: +$2
Thick (Less detailed) Linework: -$5
No Shading: -$5

512×512 chat stickers for IM use.
Base prices:
$15 for headshot / halfbody
$25 for fullbody

Rei Telegram Sticker Expansion Pack

Different backgrounds to choose from for your piece if desired.

Simple Background
(Sky and Grass)

Complex Background
(Props, Furniture, Walls, Trees, Vines, Etc.)

Welcome to the Lodge - Part 1

Abstract Background

Patriotic Hippogriff

Feathered wings +$5
Dragon / Bat wings +$10
Extra limbs +$5 per
Props +$5-10 per
Complex character design +$10 (ask if yours is complex)